Our Releases

With our studio now completed, we are beyond excited to be sharing new music with the world. Both our sub labels, Bali Praia Sol and Bali Praia Luna will be making their release debuts this September!

Being based in Bali is a blessing beyond measure, especially if you love music. We have spent decades here hosting the biggest names in dance music and that’s one of the reasons why we are confident that Bali deserves the recognition of being included amongst the music capitols of the world. It is, of course, already renowned as being one of the most beloved destinations for artists to visit and experience.

We discovered the demand for a truly wide range of music here in Bali. We also realised that we would have to create two distinct release divisions to truly represent the different scenes here. And so with saying that, we would like to present:


Slumpunk – Money EP

Bali Praia Luna debuts with an exciting G-house EP from Slumpunk, release date to be announced in September!

Diamn – Talk to Myself EP

Bali Praia Sol debuts with a groovy deep house EP from Diamn, release date to be announced in September! 

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